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The Monolithic Axe

The Monolithic Axe  is the rarest ceremonial celt form and was a symbol of rank and authority. The normal Mississippian utilitarian celt form was mounted in a wooden handle. By contrast, the monolithic axe is made into the shape of the utilitarian celt with wooden handle except that it is made entirely from one stone. There are about seven authentic monolithic axes recorded, of which three were found at Spiro. The Spiro varieties, none of which show any signs of use, were made from a black hard stone. Two were made with a long and slender handle and bit with an effigy pecked and polished into the opposing end of the handle. There have also been at least two other monolithic axes found in Tennessee made from Tennessee greenstone, but, tend to be shorter and thicker than their Spiro counterparts. All that have been recorded range in size from ten to fourteen inches long.