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About The Artist

About The Artist0

My opportunity to create Native American art is a fulfillment of a life-long dream that I have had since I was a small boy . At the beginning of 2005, after retiring from thirty years as an auto body technician, I started to seriously pursue my talents and to strive to primarily build pottery by the same primitive methods and styles of the ancient people, and to echo the early Moundbuilder's traditions while at the same time interpreting them into a more contemporary content.   My goal is to research, educate, and continue to demonstrate these ancient arts and to preserve the culture.

I hand dig most of my clay and prepare it into a workable medium. All of the shaping and forming of the piece is done by hand with simple tools. I hand-burnish or polish the surfaces with various polishing tools to acquire the shiny finish. Most of the pieces are completed by pit-firing, thus, you never know the colors that will emerge. It is determined by the "gift of the flame".